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    Sorry I dont speak german so lets try with my bad english :)

    A member of my team (=ADLO= team)installed LB on our forum but he left without giving us the user/admin password to manage the user adds.

    I connectedto the DB and see what the user should be but the password is encrypted.

    Does anybody can help me on this matter? how can I change the encrypted password ? I am newbie on SQL :(

    and i really need to connect there

    an other point and it will be the last :)

    I try to install it on localhost using WAMP and i'va got same error :

    Deprecated: mysql_db_query() [function.mysql-db-query]: This function is deprecated; use mysql_query() instead in F:\wamp\www\web_20091229\bf2stats\install\createTables.php on line 73

    please help, you are doing a great job


    =ADLO= ohemeg