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Freitag, 19. Februar 2010, 21:05

Tyrannis Expansion

Der erste Blog zur nächsten Expansion, getauft auf Tyrannis, ist da:

Noch nicht besonders vielsagend.

Mein persönlicher Wunsch wäre es ja, wenn CCP mal neuen Content hinter dem Bugfixing zurückstellen würde, wenn man mal bedenkt, dass allein die POSen mehr Bugs haben, als alle Spiele zusammen, die ich hier habe.


Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2010, 18:52

SO, meine werten Piloten und Pilotinnen wird die neue Scorpion in Tyrannis aussehen. Und das ist erst der Anfang. Nach und nach werden alle Schiffsmodelle mit den kommenden Expansions überarbeitet werden. Details und mehr Bilder dazu im neuesten Devblog

Übrigens: Der neue Economic Newsletter für das 4. Quartal 2009 für unsere Wirtschaftsinteressenten ist nun auch da. Besonders spannend ist die Marktentwicklung nach den Baumaterialänderungen für Tech 2 Schiffe und Module (welche u.a. auch die Hulk so teuer gemacht haben).

Lassen wir uns überraschen


Private First Class

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Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2010, 22:42

urgs... geil.
auch caldari schiffe können gut aussehen? was das denn?
na, da bin ich aber mal gespannt was noch kommt.


Donnerstag, 11. März 2010, 11:09

Ein allererster Entwurf zum Thema "Planetary Interaction:

Dazu noch eine Story im neuesten Devblog

Auf SISI können schon erste Tests dazu gemacht werden.
Zu erwähnen sei noch, dass die Materialen, die die Planeten und Monde auf Sisi abwerfen in keinster Weise mit denen auf Tranquilitiy übereinstimmen und diese wohl erstmal nur als Platzhalter dienen


Freitag, 21. Mai 2010, 17:33

Mal das wichtigste und interessanteste aus den - wie immer sehr langen - Patchnotes rausgepickt.
Die vollständigen Patch Notes gibts >hier<

- The planets of EVE and their resources are now yours to use. There are a small number of exclusions, such as major hub systems, shattered planets, and sites of historical significance.
- Planetary Infrastructure can be built using Command Centers, Extractors, Processors, Storage Facilities and Spaceports. These are all connected using Links.
- Planetary commodities and products can be imported to and exported from a planet using the Customs office, connected to all spaceports built on a planet.

- The skill "Command Center Upgrades" has been seeded on the market. It will allow players to build more complex command centers.
- The skill "Interplanetary Consolidation" has been seeded on the market. It will allow players to manage up to 6 colonies on as many planets.
- Three new skills have been added for planet scanning:
-- “Remote Sensing” allows a player to scan planets remotely, each skill level increases the distance at which it’s possible to scan.
-- “Planetology” increases the accuracy when scanning planets for resources. This is visible in the number of gradient bands displayed on the planet surface when scanning for a resource.
-- “Advanced Planetology” further increases the accuracy when scanning planets for resources.

- Orbital Customs Offices have been introduced with Planetary Interaction.
- Rocket Containers have been introduced with Planetary Interaction.

- A Planetary Interaction tutorial has been created for the New Player Experience.

- EVE Gate is the web portal into the EVE universe and is designed to ease communication and organization for the EVE community.
- Send and receive EVE Mail, create, invite and accept events with the new Calendar system, manage your Contacts, browse through character, corp and alliance profiles and receive broadcast updates from your friends and corpmates.

- New in-game calendar is now introduced with the following features:
-- In EVE Gate and in client
-- Personal Events
-- Corp/Alliance Events
-- CCP Events
-- Month View
-- Individual days, when expanded, will provide more details.

- The type of 38,213 planets has been changed, resulting in a more realistic universe as well as a balanced distribution of resources for Planetary Interaction.
- Deep space safe spots have been removed.

- The Scorpion battleship has undergone a major transformation and now more closely resembles its namesake.
- When closing the client while in warp, the ship will now finish warping to its destination and then perform an emergency warp-off from there.

- There is an option in the POS Management window to use either the Corporation's standings or the Alliance's standings when determining sentry aggression.

- Several changes have been made to the loot drops of various NPCs, most notably Rogue Drones.
- The loot drops from Rogue Drone NPC battleships have had their composition altered, their volume significantly decreased, and their value slightly decreased.

- The Relationships tab for Alliances has been replaced with Alliance Contacts. This will be visible by all members
-- Entities labeled "non-aggression pact" are moved to Excellent (+10) standing.
-- Entities labeled "friend" are moved to Good (+5) standing.
-- Entities labeled "competitor” are moved to Bad (-5) standing.
-- Entities labeled "enemy" are moved to Terrible (-10) standing.
- The standing system for personal standings uses 5 levels of relationships (Excellent +10, Good +5, Neutral 0, Bad -5, and Horrible -10) instead of the integer slider.

- Suns have been given an overhaul and are now large spheres with solar flares.
- The new default value for Fleet Broadcasts is now “Everyone”.
- It is now possible to assign numpad keys as shortcuts.
- The much-loved and informative "Traffic Advisory" messages have disappeared from EVE, forever.
- Ship insurance will now revalue itself periodically based on a trimmed mean of the ship's manufacturing materials global market weighted average prices.
- Volume of ambient sound in stations will decrease after 90 and 180 seconds to make idling in stations less noisy.

- Armor and structure hitpoints will no longer go negative.
- The Apocalypse Imperial Issue did not have turret locators on its model, which indicate where turrets should be placed. This has now been fixed.
- The Dominix lacked turret and booster locators on its model, thus turrets and thruster animations were not visible. Locators have been added to fix these problems.
- A Rorqual’s assembly lines can now draw from and produce to its own corporate hangars.
- Ships utilizing the Ship Maintenance Bay will no longer be able to launch housed vessels while in warp.
- Capital logistic modules now receive a consistent activation cost reduction skill bonus.
- Flameburst light missile explosion effects no longer display on the user’s own ship.

- It is no longer possible to give drones ordering to Assist or Guard a fleet member who is not in the same system.
- Ungrouped drones of mixed types will now launch together.

- 0.4 solar systems no longer require charters for Starbases.
- Fixed an issue that caused the Starbase Silo bonus to not apply.
- Notifications about damaged sovereignty structures are now shown correctly, even if the attacker is unknown.
- Several minor problems with sovereignty structures were fixed.
- A Starbase in high-sec which is set to shoot back on aggression will now shoot back if shot at by a member of the owning corp. This is now in line with low-sec and 0.0 space behavior.
- Fixed an issue that caused the recovery of multiple probes when clicking one and recovering another.
- Cartel Research Outpost in the escalating path site Angel Owned Station now correctly drops a Cynabal BPC instead of a packaged Cynabal.

- Players using monitors that supported resolutions wider than 16:9 reported difficulty with using the scanner. Map distortion on displays using wider than 16:9 aspect ratio is now fixed, with increased maximum zoom distance on the system map.
- Fixed an issue where Fullscreen options remained selected while in Windowed mode.
- Interval default issue which caused jagged FPS in windowed mode under Windows XP has been resolved.

- Importing Overview settings will now retain their filters correctly.
- When moving the map by clicking and holding the right mouse button, the context menu no longer appears when releasing the mouse button.
- The color tag and background is now applied to agents in space.
- Fixed several issues where the "Do not ask me again" check box was not suppressing the warning message
- Players are now able to filter Fleet Adverts by corporation and alliance.
- There were a few windows that had problems with being merged with other windows. They have been instructed to HTFU, and just do it.
- The red and green online/offline icons for buddies were slightly odd, we fixed them.The “Remove selected” button in Mailing List Management now notifies the user if nothing was actually selected.

- Corp mate dueling will no longer reset the GCC. Characters in non-player corps will still receive a GCC.
- Players joining a fleet after a titan jump bridge is created are now able to use the bridge. This is also valid for other jump beacons.
- The Standings transaction log entry on conquering FW sites was showing a placeholder instead of the actual reason. This has been fixed.

- Jukebox can now handle capitalized file types.
- Jukebox now allows removal of the currently playing song from the playlist.
- Jukebox is more discerning when adding mp3 files to playlists
- Jukebox user interface is now harder to trick with empty playlists and removed tracks.
- Jukebox has been extensively iterated upon based on feedback and bug reports.
- The new in-game browser handles Trusted Sites better.

- Fixed a problem with ship losses not always being logged properly and kill mails not always being sent.
- Fixed a problem where it was not possible to open wrecks by double clicking when in a large ship.
- Fixed warp behavior when warping with bubbles on grid.

Nur noch 5 Tage :cool11:



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Freitag, 21. Mai 2010, 18:06

Ich kann atm nix an dem Patch finden was mich irgendwie interessieren würde. Das Game braucht alles aber kein Industrie Upgrade..... Und ob die Geschichte mit dem LAG funktioniert wage ich noch zu bezweifeln.




Freitag, 21. Mai 2010, 20:41

"When closing the client while in warp, the ship will now finish warping to its destination and then perform an emergency warp-off from there."

Na immerhin gibt es das unselige logoffski-Gewarpe bald nicht mehr.


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Dienstag, 8. Juni 2010, 14:28

und die logoffski punkte dann quasi als saves beim einloggen benutzen is damit auch vom tisch :) einloggen entweder auf station oder mit glück lebend^^
"Der Kampf um Meinungsfreiheit WAR immer berechtigt."

die Führung öffentlicher Angelegenheiten zu privatem Vorteil.

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